Printer Friendly Version ST. SAVA CELEBRATIONS IN MILWAUKEE AND CHICAGO @ 31 January 2018 10:07 PM

St. Sava was ceremonially marked at several events in Chicago and Milwaukee. The celebrations were held at the church-school municipalities and Serbian schools. The ceremonial academies with a special cultural and artistic program was held at the Serbian Elementary School "St. Sava Academy" in Chicago and at the Orthodox Primary School "St. Sava" in Milwaukee.

Acting Consul General, Dejan Radulovic, attended the celebration in Milwaukee and on this occasion congratulated the school on their saint's day and the saint's day of the St. Sava Church, where he emphasized the importance which the Serbian elementary school has in preserving the language, religion, culture and tradition of the Serbian people, that is say in preserving the Serbian community in this city.

At the same time, Acting Consul General presented the gifts of books to students of the school, Ana Juric and Nastasia Radulovic, whose essays were awarded at the competition of elementary and high school students in the State of Wisconsin. He emphasized the importance of the achieved success and the affirmation of the Serbian school in Milwaukee.

Acting Consul General Radulovic also sent a letter to the "St. Sava Academy" in Chicago with congratulations on school's saint's day.

Sudents of Sunday School in all ecclesiastical and school districts have also formally marked the school saint's day with the appropriate program.

A photo gallery from the St. Sava celebrations can be seen here.