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Armistice Day was marked by a commemorative gathering held on November 11 at the Consulate General. The event was organized in cooperation with the Serbian National Defense, one of the oldest Serbian organizations in the US.

In their speeches speakers paid the respect and honored brave Serbian soldiers and all the Serbian victims of the First World War were expressed. The special honor and praise was paid to the memory of thousands of Serbian volunteers from America who participated in the First World War. The descendants of several Serbian volunteers from the United States attended the event.

Following the opening address by the Acting Consul General, the president of the Serbian National Defense, Mr. Nebojsa Zivkovic, spoke about the significant role of this Serbian organization and its first president, Mihajlo Pupin, who organized assistance and gathered Serbian volunteers in the United States.

Krinka Vidakovic Petrov, a professor and writer, former ambassador of Serbia and FR Yugoslavia in Israel, was the special guest on the occasion of the Armistice Day. A significant part of her creative and research work is summarized in several books dedicated to Serbian Diaspora in America. Krinka Vidakovic Petrov spoke about Serbian volunteers from America, their organizing, the collecting of financial assistance, of the role of women in collecting aid, and the overall engagement of Serbian Diaspora in America in the period before and during the First World War.

After a short presentation, a documentary about the most decorated woman "Milunka Savić - heroine of the First World War" was shown. Also, the Consulate General presented exhibit of documents and photographs from the records of the SND about the organization of Serbian volunteers, as well as stories about the decorated Serbs, members of the US Army during the First World War.

All attendees received the badges of Natalia Ramonda - symbol of the Day of Armistice in Serbia.

Photo gallery from this event can be seen here.