Printer Friendly Version FILM "I DEFENDED YOUNG BOSNIA" IN CHICAGO AND DALLAS @ 18 April 2016 09:55 PM

Film "I defended young Bosnia" was shown in Chicago at the "Muvico" theater. The screening was attended by film director and screenwriter Srdjan Koljevic and producer Zoran Janković. Following the screening, the filmmakers responded to questions from the audience. The greatest interest of the audience was regarding documents and other sources used in the writing of the script.

The film screening was organized by the Serbian Film Festival in Chicago and the editorial staff of "Ogledalo – Serbian Mirror" with the cooperation and assistance of the Consulate General. While announcing the guests and the film festival director and Editor Slavica Petrovic thanked the assistance provided by the Consulate General.

In addition to Chicago the film was screened in Dallas, Texas also with the presence of the filmmakers.