Printer Friendly Version ANNIVERSARY OF MIHAJLO PUPIN’S BIRTH @ 21 October 2014 09:15 PM

160th anniversary of the birth of Mihajlo Pupin was celebrated at the University of Chicago. The anniversary celebrations are under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Serbia. 

The program began with the performance of the national anthems of Serbia and the United States by "Branko Radičević", the oldest Serbian choir in the United States, Professor Milan Mrksic from the Northwestern University in Chicago spoke about the life and work of the Serbian scientist. In his lecture Professor Mrksic stressed the importance and achievements of Mihajlo Pupin in the world of science, particularly emphasizing his attachment to the homeland, his assistance to Serbia, as well as his activities related to the Serbian community in the US and development of good relations with the United States. In addition to Professor Mrksic, attendees were welcomed by Bishop Longin, Obrad Kesic from Washington and Alexander Vlajković from Belgrade, who emphasized the importance of this great Serbian and world scientist. Documentary Film “Mihajlo Pupin – the Serb who connected the world” was shown.