Printer Friendly Version SERBIA GIVEN PERMISSION FOR DIRECT FLIGHTS TO THE U.S. @ 27 June 2014 07:22 PM

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia received permission for direct flights from Belgrade to the United States, beginning the second half of 2015 adding that "Air Serbia" will fly direct from Belgrade to Chicago.

At the joint press conference with U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Michael Kirby, Prime Minister Vucic pointed out that our country, after several decades, again received permission to operate domestic airline in America.

Prime Minister said that in addition to the flight from Belgrade to Chicago, the goal is for "Air Serbia" to be allowed to fly to New York. He said that the most difficult requests of the U.S. aviation authorities had been met and that there are still some conditions that need to be met; he expressed belief that Serbia will meet all the requirements related to the safety of flights.

Ambassador Kirby pointed out that the U.S. aviation authorities made a decision that Serbia has secured status "category one", which allows direct flights from Belgrade to the United States.