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Delivery of newly issued passports

This is a preview of passports received by the Consulate General which are ready for delivery to the applicants.
If the number of your request is in the list below, it means that your passport has been delivered to the Consulate General and the same can be picked up. Please note that your application number can be found on the certificate of the request which you were issued when applying for a passport.

The person in whose name the passport is issued must be present when picking up the passport. It is necessary to bring a certificate of the request (issued at the time of applying) and the existing passport for its cancellation.

Passports for minors can be picked up by one of the parents. If the request was submitted by a parent with a written consent of the other, a passport must be picked up by the same parent who filed the request. Presence of the minor/s is not required.

For the applicants from remote destinations of the United States who have authorized Consulate General to forward to them the new passport by mail, but have not left the existing one for cancellation at the Consulate General when applying, it is essential that the existing passport is delivered to the Consulate General for cancellation before they are sent the new passport. Upon receipt of the existing passport, the Consulate General will cancel it and submit it with the new passport in the envelope that was provided during the submission of the request.

For additional questions regarding the handing over of passports, contact the Consulate General at info@scgchicago.org or by phone 312-670-6707.

February 13, 2019


4589 4738 4810 4835 4846 4865 4888
4608 4783 4818 4836 4847 4866 4901
4623 4786 4819 4839 4848 4870 4905
4630 4787 4820 4840 4851 4875 4923
4650 4788 4828 4841 4854 4879 4933
4660 4795 4832 4842 4855 4880  
4661 4804 4834 4845 4864 4887  


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